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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recording audio vocabulary

In our school with every group of students we collect monthly vocabulary on A3 sheets of paper and at the end of the month teachers record audio vocabulary, which is really helpful for our students.
Last year it was pretty time-consuming as we had to come to school (there was a schedule) to record all audio, then those files were brushed by special software , and eventually we sent them to our students as an attachment.... You can imagine our feelings...
Every problem has a solution, since September we've been doing it from home!

We began with computer programs, than our principal told me that there are voice recording progammes on the net. And I found one! It's It's very user-friendly, truth be told I have to convert wav file to mp3, but it's fast. A while ago my collegue shared a great link with me, which provides you with 2 gb online space for your files!

So, life's getting easier!

Have a look


  1. Hi, so I've tried out this feature. I recorded a test message no longer than 5 seс and downloaded it. It was 1 Mb!!! How much then will a 3 min recording weigh? And if you send just a link, students can listen it only once.

    My choice is still Audicity. How about reinstalling it and giving it another try?:)

  2. I posted a link to one of my audio files, after converting to MP3 it weighs much less:)