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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to warm-ups

Every teacher knows it's crucial to tune students for the lesson. But it's not just the matter of switching them off. The thing is the whole lesson might be ruined if your students don't see the point why you ask them to do this or that task. Actually the aim is not always as obvious as most teachers believe.
If you want to make the lesson on the whole and every stage in particular successful, first of all set aims and provide incentives.
Explain to your students how they will benefit from doing this activity. In reality it doesn't take long. But your students will get focused if not interested.
Another challenge… How to inspire them to learn Unit for instance on Logistics and be involved and motivated?
To begin with, get motivated yourself. When I encountered Unit Logistics in the course-book, for me it was nothing but a word. I was aware that if I wanted to succeed in teaching it, I had to convince myself that it's extremely important. The idea is that you sound more persuasive to anyone when you strongly believe in what you're talking about. What’s more, you need facts to support your opinion. So I talked about Logistics with people whose job involves logistics issues, read an article in Wikipedia and eventually got interested which means ready to teach.
So how to lead-in a new topic which seems to be dull and you want to escape boredom?

Try to use sinquain for a change.

Interesting and boring
Supplies, delivers, delays.
Better late than never.
It makes business life easier.

One girl, she works in a fashion store, wrote:
Noisy and bright
Invites, assists, inspires
What's good for one, is bad for another
We work from morn till night.

Read more about sinqain patterns here

P.S. I don't think that I'll use this technique on regular basis, but we (my students and me) liked that experience:)

If you got interested, download this worksheet

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  1. I like the idea very much! I hope my students will like it, I'm going to try using Cinquain ASAP )))