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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HiLIGHT ezine

I am happy to welcome you to the launch of our school online ezine HighLight. I wish to extend my gratitude to all teachers, students and friends who were so kind to submit their articles to this issue. We could not start this journal without the support of Nastya Shelyakina, Guzelia Ataulova and Sergey Papushin wishing to make this magazine a success.

I strongly believe that for a language school it is important to have a magazinŠµ which gives free access to its contents and promotes communication in English . This is particularly significant for us whose first language is not English. That’s why we aim to invite native speakers to write for our ezine. Frankly, the goal of this project is to involve in writing as many people as possible and go international! The only criteria are willingness to master English and have something to say to the world:)

So if you get inspired and feel like writing something, join us!

HighLight is a peer-reviewed ezine which publishes 3 issues a year – in November, February and April.

I look forward to a successful first year as Editor-in-Chief and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have that would improve the Ezine.

P.S. Our ezine is not a commercial project, and it's on a free website. That's why there're commercial pop-ups on every page. Please, just switch them off and enjoy reading.

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