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Friday, July 1, 2011

One of discoveries in 2011 :

In our school every teacher makes a monthly audio vocabulary for the students. Some of them use Audacity, but for me it appeared a bit of a problem since you need to install that software onto your computer and then keep all MP3 files on the hard drive. So I started looking for online voice recording resources.

The 1st one that I found was I kept using it for 3 months but finally quit because there was some bug, sometomes it close while I was recording:(

The second resource was but again I ended up looking for something else due to the fact that on this platform it's possible to record only 5-minute tracks, which is absolulely inconvenient.

Voila! God answered my prayers - I came across on the net! It's brilliant, very easy to use, you can record your voice as long as you like and to top it all, you can use poctures with your adio:)

Try it and you'll like it!

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